I have dried blood in nose every morning, is this from night terrors?

does dried blood in nose every morning mean im having like anxiety attacks when im sleeping or something?
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Do you live with anyone or alone? If you are having night terrors I would think that, if you somehow didn't remember at all, your roommates may have noticed something. Do you take any antihistamines? This includes some drugs like Unisom, cold medicines or prescription Vistaril and many different OTC sleep aids. These type drugs can dry out your sinuses and maybe cause a dry, bloody nose. Especially if you are taking more than one (maybe an allergy pill and something like Unisom?). That's my best thoughts. Hope that helps.
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3 years ago


I would say your nose is drying out during the night which is causing it to bleed. Before you go to bed tonight give your nose a good clean out and see if that helps.
3 years ago


it could be something serious.. you must seek med help.
3 years ago
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