• anxious10
    Answered by anxious10
    ears ago

    I get that too, but it happens more when i'm really stressed out .... i don't know why it happen though

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    I had that happen for several weeks straight once. I had a dark spot under the one eye where it twitched. For me it was due to medication but, yes, stress and anxiety can definitely cause it and tiredness may as well.

  • nomorefear
    Answered by nomorefear
    ears ago

    I get the same twitiching under the eye but it's usually only when I'm stressed out.

  • scoobie
    Answered by scoobie
    ears ago

    Thanks for this post. I suffer from this too and I did wonder if there was a correlation between this and times when I feel stressed and anxious. I feel better for knowing I am not alone with this.

  • KeithSchron78
    Answered by KeithSchron78
    ears ago

    I used to get twitching a lot, now its only occasionaly. But I would get it in my eyelids, under my eye, my cheeks, my chin, the corner of my mouth, and then my shoulders, sides, legs, arms etc... Its anxiety though.

  • Jonos
    Answered by Jonos
    ears ago

    I used to get this somewhat often a while back. Not so much anymore. I'm not sure what causes it. I do know that when I am anxious it feels like I have needles poking into my palms though. And my shoulders and neck tense up. The eye twitch could be related to anxiety/stress.

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