did any one feel anxiety after eating?

anxiety after eating, espeically obese people, as after I eat I get anxious and I feel guilty?
Posted in Anxiety, asked by Nermen Dahab, 3 years ago. 970 hits.

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Im not obese but I am 20lbs over weight. Regardless, I too get the axiety after I eat sometimes, especially if I eat way too much. IT makes me feel like I cant breathe and then the anxiety kicks in. Just know that its nothing and it eventually goes away. Still sucks though.
3 years ago


yes. but im not obese... i cant eat in the morning / and less in the evening... at the middle of the day i can eat anything.. im taking xanor when i wake up and i feel normal. Dont feel so guilty. just eat healthy food in moderation and you will be fine.
3 years ago
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