is there a phone phobia?

phone phobia, does that exsist?
Posted in Phobias, asked by Al Falfa, 3 years ago. 387 hits.

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Answering phones and dealing with people over the phone a lot of people suffer with this including me.So guess yes it is a phobia.
3 years ago


I struggle to answer a ringing phone and I do my best not to answer phone calls at all. When friends/acquaintances say they will call me I absolutely dread it. I also feel stupid If I manage to tell people why it is I never answer their calls. If I have to ring somone I get nervous and stressed. I feel sick, get a head ache and usually I am poorly the day after the call. What does annoy me is when I tell people about my phobia and they still ring me. That tells me they either don't listen or don't believe me. Needless to say I text people but I do not unless absolutely pushed answer a call.
3 years ago
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