• vickie_1991
    Answered by vickie_1991
    ears ago

    your not alone i often worry about choking so i eat really slowly most of the time, i think this is because it has happened to me in the past though.

  • kerry1994
    Answered by kerry1994
    ears ago

    When my anxiety was at a high I just never ate while I was out or moving in particular in fear of choking. This made me lose far too much weight. I've choked a lot and get scared when other people do :(

  • Sally B
    Answered by Sally B
    ears ago

    My psych said Its called globus and I get it too when I drink.

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    i know anxiety can cause a dry throat and tightening i used to be scared of eating because i couldnt swallow and it just wouldnt go down it was scary or it would tighten while swollowing making it stuck in my throat, well the feeling of it stuck there. just try breathe while eating, distract yourself with something that interests you or visualize you eating and it being fine, it helped for me x

  • liz22
    Answered by liz22
    ears ago

    thats happen to me a few times while drinking water. Its so scary. I thought I was going to ether chock or drown

  • wildflower323
    Answered by wildflower323
    ears ago

    I don't get it while consuming anything, but actually just sporatically throughout the day I will feel like my throat is closing up. Not exactly the same as choking, but the same general fears.

  • moimemekat
    Answered by moimemekat
    ears ago

    I have been suffering with this as well. You are not alone! I lost so much weight very unhealthy because I wouldn't eat because I thought my food would get stuck in my throat, I didn't eat for 10 months, I still get that even know :/ I guess it will never go away -__- but you are not alone.

  • JessBean
    Answered by JessBean
    ears ago

    I used to have that fear all of the time...I haven't attempted eating in public in a very long time, and think I would likely feel like I will choke when I do

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