• Answered by
    ears ago

    It can be, as I get headaches daily and sometimes random head pains so it is anxiety related. But to be on the safe side it may be best to consult your GP, and just to check that it may be something else, and they may be able to best advise you on what is causing this.

  • Jess Lim Seguenza
    Answered by Jess Lim Seguenza
    ears ago

    yepp.. i think its related.. I usually have random head pains often. especially when panic attacks. ;((

  • Utopia Omega
    Answered by Utopia Omega
    ears ago

    It can be, I got them the other week from stress while at work. But, with it being head pains, do as Zlong said and have your GP check it out to be certain whats causing them.

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