if I am having troubles sleeping is benadryl for sleep a good option?

benadryl for sleep, does it work?
Posted in Medication, asked by ronald rom, 3 years ago. 605 hits.

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Bendadryl has the same ingredient used in OTC sleep meds (diphenhydramine) so it could help you sleep. If you're very sensitive to meds, you might have a bad reaction upon waking such as a strong grogginess that you can't shake for the entire day. Going a more natural route, I've tried Sleep MD and wake up feeling refreshed. Also, drinking a tea called "Bedtime" by Yogi Teas really works, too.
3 years ago


I take a medication called 'Trazodone' for my sleeping. It usually does help a lot as I take it about an hour before I usually go to bed- soon I start to get drowsy and once starting to go to sleep I'm out. I recommend it.
3 years ago
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