Do you feel like you experience other emotions more intensely than "normals"?

Obviously we feel fear/stress/anxiety more intensely than people who don't have anxiety disorders, but do any of you seem to feel other emotions more strongly, too? I find I feel EVERY emotion more intensely than my "normal" friends.
Posted in Anxiety, asked by Asho_DirtyPoo, 3 years ago. 1152 hits.

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Ahh, good point, Nik. It certainly can be full spectrum from super intense to completely numb. I'm usually super intense, though, personally.
3 years ago


I recently went to a counselor with my fiance (pre-marital stuff), and my anxiety was a topic we discussed. They basically said that my range (for all of my emotions) was wider than my fiance's. Meaning, when I get sad, I get sadder and when I get excited, I am more excited. I agree with this completely.
3 years ago


i think i can change over time there was a point when my highs were so much higher but lows so much lower than "normals" but now i dont seem to feel much at all other than when the anxiety hits. the only real thing i have felt i a while was when we lost our cat a few weeks back and that did hit me
3 years ago
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