• vickie_1991
    Answered by vickie_1991
    ears ago

    yes i get this feeling quite often, its like your shaking but just on the inside and no one can tell from the outside, its not a pleasant feeling. i hope u get better soon :)

  • KeithSchron78
    Answered by KeithSchron78
    ears ago

    Yes, I used to ge it a lot. I decribed it as "vibrating" as well because its the best way to describe it and like you its inside and just a general whole body feeling. Its stress and anxiety making your nerves go crazy. Luckily I dont get it too often now but it was a daily thing especially when waking up. I'd have to lay in bed for a few hours after waking up just to have it finally go away.

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    Yes i get those frequently but I have medication that calms me down and puts me to sleep.

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