can fear of schizophrenia actually cause it?

extreme fear of schizophrenia, is it dangerous?
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I'm quite sure it can't. I don't know for certain, of course. My understanding is the schizophrenia is a physical thing in your brain that is some point, it triggers, by situation, or age, hormone levels, whatever, and then it's blooms. But if it's begin with, you can't just get it, based on circumstances and your own fears. Mind, I can see anxiety about it making you think that you have it. I've convinced myself many times that I have appendicitis, when I very clearly don't *lol*
3 years ago


No, being obsessed with the idea can make you think you have schizophrenia but you don't actually have it. Anxiety can really trick your mind in very bizarre ways, it can even alter your perceptions, but it's all self suggestion. Those obsessions you have now, like becoming crazy, will go away when you fix your anxiety problem, be positive, be aware of your obsessions, time cures everything.
9 months ago
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