zoloft and sex drive, are they related?

is there a relation between zoloft and sex drive, does it increase it? Decrease it?
Posted in Medication, asked by Jeremeya Groban, 3 years ago. 692 hits.

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I don't know about zoloft, specifically, but I know most antidepressants decrease sexdrive fairly significantly. Paxil certainly does.
3 years ago


Yeah, one of the main side effects of Zoloft is reduced sex drive. Like the others said, most SSRI's can be that way. I'm on Zoloft though and while I do notice a difference in my sex drive, it's not affecting my life so much that I feel like I need to switch meds. Mostly because this one is finally working for my depression. Anyway, if you were to start taking Zoloft and notice a change in sex drive that you really didn't want to experience, you could always discuss changing meds with your doctor. Sorry for rambling..hope I helped.
3 years ago


I agree with Asho. I took zoloft and prozac years ago. Either one or both significantly decreased mine, although I can't remember which. I think most SSRI's can have that effect though.
3 years ago
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