• anxietytherapist
    Answered by anxietytherapist
    ears ago

    In respect to social anxiety the practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and success rate for treating patients with social anxiety is much higher than other type of treatments. One psychotherapist in San Francisco suggests patients develop skills for coping and they end up conquering their anxiety disorder thanks to CBT treatment.

  • jEllO
    Answered by jEllO
    ears ago

    I am using CBT off and on to catalogue my thoughts that bring anxiety on and then I discuss it with someone I trust. Was the Doctor to start and now I bounce things off my spouse.

  • ttlt15
    Answered by ttlt15
    One year ago

    I have used CBT in the past for some social anxiety I was experiencing during high school. CBT is a highly effective treatment.. and I definitely recommend it. I still use the skills that I learned 5 years ago, daily. Anything is worth a try. It's not necessarily for everyone but I personally found it very helpful.

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