have you ever had the feeling that you need to make yourself cry?

make yourself cry to let everything out? Is that normal?
Posted in Bizarre, asked by Jimmy Jones, 3 years ago. 450 hits.

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Yeah, I do, I think sometimes I need to cry to let it out, but its very rare that I do, and I don't do it in front of anybody. But it hurts even more when your trying to make yourself cry, and often I can't, I try and and try.
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3 years ago


I do but I can't cry. I'm on anti depressants so I guess they stop me from crying lol but I feel better after a cry and never do without.
3 years ago


I feel like this alot. It just builds up and the pressure is too much that nothing but a good cry will help. Then you are so exhausted, because you have let everything out.
3 years ago
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