can fear of going crazy actualy make you crazy to some extent?

fear of going crazy can cause insanity??
Posted in Bizarre, asked by Nermen Dahab, 3 years ago. 924 hits.

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No, only sane people question their sanity. The fear of going crazy is a symptom to many people who suffer from depression, anxiety and panic disorders. Those who actually suffer from insanity don't realize it.
2 years ago


no, If so i think there would be a lot more "crazy people" walking around. it'll drive you nuts though and you'll think you're crazy. but no.
2 years ago


No but I think constant fear can lead to some unhealthy mental coping skills. Avoidance, hypervigiliance, manipulation, repression of feeling and all kinds of stuff. The end result would not be crazy just maladjusted to the world around and that can feel crazy.
2 years ago
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