• Asho_DirtyPoo
    Answered by Asho_DirtyPoo
    ears ago

    I just moved 2 hours away from everyone I know (except my boyfriend) I know the feeling! I'm currently trying to meet new people and make new friends, despite feeling really awkward and creepy about it all.

    What I'm finding to be making a big difference, so far, is to smile. Smiling, and making eye contact, and appearing/being open to socializing is key.

    It also helps to put yourself in situations where you have a common ground and a sort of camaraderie with the people around you (ie. at a music concert, or other type of specific event, or club/group about a certain interest)...then everyone is more open and receptive to being chatted with by strangers - and you have an easy in ("wow, phenomenal show, eh?", "have you see _____ live before?", "what type of ____ do you collect?", "what's your favourite ____?"...or, if it's an outdoor event "boy, they couldn't have asked for better weather for today!"/"I wish they had better weather today!").

    From there, generally, people are either receptive to chatting and whatnot, or they aren' you can keep chatting, or cut and run, without appearing to be a weirdo LOL

    Good luck! :)

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