sometimes I feel that i m too boring and I feel like getting away from people?

i m too boring, does any one feel that way>?
Posted in Bizarre, asked by Mariah cross, 3 years ago. 699 hits.

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It could be that they don't find you boring but they find you intimidating. I find that more often than not, people don't understand what I'm talking about or are just flat out not interested. It could just be that you are more intelligent than your peers. There's nothing wrong with that.
3 years ago


I feel that way a lot. I feel like I don't have a lot to talk about because I'm only really interested in a few things.
3 years ago


I feel that way all the time. It's like the moment I start talking people seem to get disinterested and then when someone else speaks up the discussion picks up again. It actually stops me from saying anything most of the time now :/
3 years ago


You have to feel very relaxed and stop thinking, it`ll be hard at first but you will get use to it. Just keep in mind that your face should be very relaxed so just let it relax all the way and keep it that way, so if you do that you will live in the present. hope that helps. If that does not work , let me know, i have other solutions. Here are some tips: relax your whole face and keep your eyes open like not too much not too little, dont put anything in mind, if you do , just tell yourself not to in your mind, Just think that you have no relation with anyone and be selfish and not care about anything, even if you do just dont think that you are caring about that person, just dont think about it, eat healthy, work out, watch movies, lots of water, fruits, listen to your favorite music. if it doesnt work i got other solutions. let me know. Live your life to the fullest. who knows. Tomorrow may or may not be. Only look at someone’s face when necessary otherwise don’t look at anyone. If you cant look at someone face and have anxiety then practice looking at someone face on the internet or something.
3 years ago
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