• Asho_DirtyPoo
    Answered by Asho_DirtyPoo
    ears ago

    The actual, full, attacks themselves don't last that long. But you can have elevated levels of anxiety all day, and have several attacks throughout the course of a day...which kinda makes it feel like you're having an attack all day.

  • SADgirl_814
    Answered by SADgirl_814
    ears ago

    I can't imagine having one last all day. I think it would knock me out if it lasted more than few hours. Mine usually last anywhere from a few minutes to a couple hours.

  • t.Monias
    Answered by t.Monias
    ears ago

    well for me they usually come in waves...and i've had days where little triggers will set these waves off throughout the day....never had one panic attack go all day I think that would drive me crazy D:

  • mckinleyma
    Answered by mckinleyma
    ears ago

    Today I had an attack start at 3:30 and it hit hard about 4 then it regressed but will peak every few hours. It feels like a full day.

  • Sh9l5e
    Answered by Sh9l5e
    ears ago

    I had very strong anxieties that last almost two weeks. It stops after those two weeks because I got tranquilizer (Clonex). I don't know if it was one anxiety that last that long or a lot of anxieties so it looked to me like it's one. I don't think it really matters if it's one or not but it is totally possible to have anxiety all the time!

  • Sh9l5e
    Answered by Sh9l5e
    ears ago

    By "anxieties" I meant panic attacks ^^^^

  • ttlt15
    Answered by ttlt15
    One year ago

    I had a two-day panic attack once.. (or so it felt like!) I would take ativan, it would eventually knock me out, but I would wake up later on in a panic again. This lasted for about 48 hours (give or take) for me - I even went to the hospital.

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