alcohol cures anxiety, true or false?

alcohol cures anxiety, is that a myth..
Posted in Anxiety, asked by Micheal Seregate, 3 years ago. 1311 hits.

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I find alcohol exacerbates my anxiety...it causes me to feel out of sorts, with in turn makes me edgey. Not to mention that I can't get a solid sleep after drinking, so I always feel completely jittery for the entire day following. Alcohol is certainly not an answer to anxiety. At least, not a correct one.
3 years ago


Absolutely false. It may seem like it does, but you may just be so impaired that you don't realize you are anxious, or don't remember being anxious.
3 years ago


alcohol and drugs just make it worse . so dont even try !
3 years ago


Completely false. However, people may seem to "loosen up" while under the influence but where alcohol is a depressant it does cause you to become very anxious.. usually the following day. I do not recommend alcohol or recreational drugs as self-medication. It usually makes things worse. Take care.
3 years ago


That is defintely a myth. Alcohol dosent cure anxiety it may make you less anxious while you are under the influence of alcohol but thats just temporary so its not a cure. Defintely wouldnt recommend turning to alcohol or illegal drugs to deal with your anxiety. In my opinion it will just cause bigger problems.
3 years ago
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