I feel a short of breath when talking if im anxious

short of breath when talking when anxious, is that normal?
Posted in Anxiety, asked by ronald rom, 3 years ago. 1011 hits.

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Absolutely. I do too. Mostly when I'm talking to a group of people. I'll even skip words or slur my speech too.
3 years ago


Yes, when I've been anxious, it has been hard to talk, as I get out of breath and can't talk properly. It only happens when I'm quite anxious, but its normal and is bound to happen if your hearts racing and your getting out of breath.
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3 years ago


SADgirl_814 - you are on the money about skipping words or even slurring of the speech. This is yet another goody the fight or flight response has to offer. Your breathing is the single most powerful and important part of your anxiety. Chances are you are missing a trigger somewhere and without consciously realizing it you either stop breathing or begin to hyperventilate. Both of these options will lead to dizzyness, shortness of breath, or slurred speech as your brain is too busy freaking out about not breathing to be able to focus on your speech centers. Take 3 deep, even breaths in and out. This will "reset" your system. Focus on breathing regularly and evenly - I use counting - 4 seconds in, 4 seconds out or whatever feels natural and comfortable to you. Do this as soon as you sense yourself beginning to struggle with breath. The sooner you head if off the better and if caught early enough you will be able to stop a full blown panic attack in its tracks.
Angry Shrink
3 years ago
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