What hobbies do you do that are good distractions from your anxiety?

I like photographing and sewing for my BJDs :)
Posted in Anxiety, asked by Sienna Orona, 3 years ago. 795 hits.

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An execellent thing to do as a hobby is excercizing oneof the two best things are tigh quon do or any type of dance theyre really fun too(:
3 years ago


Fishkeeping, pets (if that counts as a hobby lol), horticulture, hiking, cooking and writing are my biggest ones. Also like to read, and play Skyrim or The Sims for 8 hours at a time LOL
3 years ago


i play music and brew
3 years ago


going to the gym, and i like to dj but just at home for now.
3 years ago
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