any of guys feel lethargic all day

feeling tired and my chest feels tight......
Posted in Symptoms, asked by Merang, 3 years ago. 505 hits.

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I feel like that when my depression is bad or if I haven't eaten or drank a lot. Too much sun also does it too. But the tightness in the chest sounds more like anxiety so I think it is from anxiety. I have felt like that from anxiety and it is not fun. I am new here so I hope it was ok to respond to this, even though it isnt a technical answer. I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*
3 years ago


I have been that way for a few months now. Saw my PCP and he did a few tests which, of course, came back normal. So I'm going to agree with jennfirefly. I think it's a symptom of depression more than anxiety. God only knows I have been severely depressed for the past several months.
3 years ago


Definitely happens to me, too, when I'm having a "low" period. Just want to sleep all the time, never feel fully rested, no real interest in anything...even the things I usually enjoy. You're not alone :)
3 years ago


Yes. I get lethargic when I'm depressed, and when I'm not active. If I'm not treating my body right by eating well and exercising regularly, I'm bound to be lethargic. Once your body gets into the habit of being lethargic, it likes to stay that way until you fix the problem
3 years ago
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