Is there a quiz on here to help you determine what type of anxiety you have? PTSD, or GAD, etc.

Treatments can be different for different types of anxiety can't they? I've found that Cognitive therapy works the best yet I still think if I can understand the anxiety I can let go of some of it.
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I know that at least one of my therapists had a standardized mental disorder quiz that was several pages long, to aid in diagnosis...I wonder if something along that line may be introduced to ASN with the new ASN Therapists program?
3 years ago


we may do something like that also, but at the moment the development of the platform is taking all of out time. :) good idea!
3 years ago


There's also other sites that have those quizzes. If you type into a search engine "anxiety quiz" you should get some good results. I think they'll be better with specific disorders though like "GAD quiz" and such
3 years ago
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