• Jonos
    Answered by Jonos
    ears ago

    Yes. I can not hold a job because of anxiety. When I get really anxious the whole "fight or flight" mode kicks in and I usually end up choosing "flight". And at a job that does not go over too well. It's a running joke in my family that I have had so many jobs and usually only last a few weeks or months. Working from home seems like the only real possibility for me to hold an actual job right now. That's an area I need to do more looking into. But, yes, anxiety has been a major road block in me getting and holding a job.

  • atlmaine
    Answered by atlmaine
    ears ago

    Thanks for the answer Jonos! Im the same way, when faced with a situation i usually Flight. Have you found any good jobs working from home? I really need one of those!

  • SADgirl_814
    Answered by SADgirl_814
    ears ago

    I would really love to work out of my home too! My social anxiety is so intense that I can't even ask for job applications and I'm 20 years old.

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    Yes. I infact applied for a job. Application was an online one. So I got through, manage the interview then got the job. Only thing is, my anxiety rose and I freaked out I couldn't go through with it.

  • titchy
    Answered by titchy
    ears ago

    I lost my job about 15 years ago I was a youth leader at the local youth club, got on great with the teenagers, then I was told I had to go on a training weekend at a hotel in Manchester, I totally freaked out, couldn't go, so they wouldn't let me carry on, never been able to work since then, and now I've got Dystonia it makes work impossible.

  • esurbb
    Answered by esurbb
    ears ago

    I lost my job back in April. I just couldn't handle it. I want to work, but when I get phone calls about jobs I am too scared to answer the phone. And then if I do answer the phone and manage an interview I am too scared to go.

  • Jenista
    Answered by Jenista
    ears ago

    Yeah, am having trouble with my job right now due to the anxiety. I find it easy when its smooth callers back to back keeps my mind busy but my anxiety is super random. I get bad calls and they dont phase me yet bam! Mid day or toward the end of my day I feel like everyone is starring at me looming over my shoulder. I get shaky hands when I get severe attacks so I misspelled a email the other day. Little did I know they happened to be monitoring the call and tried to say I mixed up the letters on purpose. Call avoidance they accused of. My manager is a kid though no experience so hes acting like I have an on and off switch. I really wish I could work from home as well. Comfort zone at your own comfy pace.

  • EszterRose
    Answered by EszterRose
    ears ago

    Yes. I went on one interview 2 years ago and my anxiety was so bad I couldn't answer the women's questions. When I got out of course I knew what I should have said. I haven't had a job since 10th grade and I'm 21 now. It wasn't the best experience. Now I volunteer in my mom’s office and sometimes there are awkward moments with her employees. I hope I can get a job one day.

  • atlmaine
    Answered by atlmaine
    ears ago

    I have a lot of the same situations as you all. I want to get a job but just thinking about it make be scared and worried. I hate that I get shaky hands and my voice shakes. If that didn't happen then I may be able to push through to get a job. But those signs are so obvious that employees or whoever would notice :(

    Thanks everyone for the answers!! I'm 22 and I worked work study at my school but it wasn't much so i didnt get anxiety. And The last real job i had besides babysitting was at my moms office for a summer back in High School.

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    Having an awful job got me into this situation, I couldn't cope with stress anymore. It is one year and a half since I gave up on them and I still have troubles to find a new one. All this time I tried to find something and I did for some short periods, but I couldn't help myself not to be panicked all the time.

  • DoomyDarling
    Answered by DoomyDarling
    ears ago

    I haven't worked since the end of last month. I was already stressed out with my job and its "demands" but last month took the cake. In a nutshell we were forced to take on another team's work, given poor/last minute training and I just lost it.

    I'm now trying to see if I can get disability but I have no idea if I'm eligible. I'm now stressed out because a) The rent is due and b) once again this is all my fault.

  • leica
    Answered by leica
    ears ago

    I'm currently under a "performance improvement plan" - it's something managers must do in order to sack someone where I work. My objectives aren't like other peoples' objectives, in that their entirely subjective things like "manage stakeholder relationships."

    My being able to perform the functions of my job have never been questioned, and to me it feels like my manager is so uncomfortable with mental health issues he just wants me to go away rather than learn to accept me as I am.

    I had a meeting with him and had a panic attack. He phoned the police and I had to be questioned by two police officers for an hour while I was still in my place of work before they would deem me "safe" to go home. It as one of my most humiliating experiences.

  • dxbudgie
    Answered by dxbudgie
    ears ago

    Yup i'm part of that club. I haven't held a stable job for about 15 years. Ive done some temp work here and there but nothing permanent or reliable. The best job I had was working overnight shifts at a rest area coffee bar on the highway but I couldn't keep up with the hours after a while and was only there for about 2 months.

  • keith.mosfet
    Answered by keith.mosfet
    ears ago

    I went to school for electronic engineering and right out I got a Product Design position. Which is something that is not easily obtainable. I have an amazing job where I do fantastic work and the company loves me. But I go into work everyday thinking I am going to be fired. For absolutely no reason. My anxiety makes me crazy.

  • fearistheweakness
    Answered by fearistheweakness
    ears ago

    I work for a Marketing i know but i love the job. I put on concerts and charity events. I've had to take a leave of absence and 3months later i wonder if ill ever have a job to come back to. Hope i didn't lose what i love to do to my disease.

  • bertafly
    Answered by bertafly
    ears ago

    I have worked for a company for seven years, I call in sick all the time~due to my illness. I have recently filed for SSDI, I just am not able to work any longer. Everyday is a struggle, in every aspect of my life. I mean who knows what the future may bring, maybe there will b a cure someday. And then I will be able to work. H.O.P.E.

  • shawn85867
    Answered by shawn85867
    ears ago

    i have the same issue at work i am fine but like just out of the blue i feel over whelmed and my crew say i turn red and slam my hand down i thing i need to see a doc soon thue my GM THINKS I HAVE OCD AND BIPOLER BUT WENT TO A DOC ABOUT my arm going num and they told me that i was haveing a painc attick

  • ttlt15
    Answered by ttlt15
    One year ago

    I miss a lot of class, and even had to drop out of my work term due to my anxiety and all the time I have missed.. Sometimes I feel like I couldn't possibly hold down a job. I feel like I cannot go a whole week doing either. It's an awful feeling!

  • nessa
    Answered by nessa
    One year ago

    I haven't worked for seven years due to my anxiety

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