Has anyone tried 5htp for anxiety?

If so how long did it take to work, did you have any side effects, and how many mg were you taking a day?
Posted in Medication, asked by daisy82, 3 years ago. 673 hits.

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I have not tried 5htp, but I have tried some over the counter stress and sleep help meds and did not like the way they made me feel.
3 years ago


I tried it once 500mg at night after I got off anti depressants. For me it gave me extreme nausea and anxiety. I was on SSRI's and SNRI's for 13 years. I can not take tryptophan either. Does the same thing just not to the same severity as 5HTP. I tend to have severe or paradoxical reactions to most things so for you it might be worth giving a try. If you get capsules you can always empty half out of one to start with and go from there.
3 years ago
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