• titchy
    Answered by titchy
    ears ago

    I feel like that all the time, I used to work with the physically disabled, helping to organise outings and and things to keep them from getting bored. then gave it up to help mum take care of dad, after he died I did the same thing with mum till I lost her, then suddenly felt redundant, couldn't go back to work cos I had a major breakdown, now I live with my sis who is strong and indipendent. now it's the other way round, it's me who feels like the weak and feebled one. I've given up to the thought that I will ever find a partner, I think if I had someone I loved to take care of again I'd be a stronger person. I know how you feel, Take care.

  • Zhivago
    Answered by Zhivago
    ears ago

    yep, i feel like that almost all of the time

  • Accepted Answer
    Answered by UncleMo
    One year ago

    I've been feeling like that a lot lately. I had 2 great relationships that went to pieces because of my anxiety issues. I just broke up with my last girlfriend because I can feel myself sliding backwards into an Agoraphobic/Depressed state. So I cut the ties with her before I dragged her down with me. So here I sit in front of the computer, all by myself, 24/7. It really sucks, but I don't know what else to do.

  • TerrenceMcNulty
    Answered by TerrenceMcNulty
    One year ago

    I went home for the holidays and saw my mom for the first time in 13 years. Didn't say very much. Felt anxious most of the time. She's getting older now, 86, and she spent most of the time doing crosswords and reading the paper. I engaged her as much as I could, but I could't keep up any conversations very long. One of my brothers was there, too. He watches out for her. He likes to play video games and watch movies, which is all very well; but I kept feeling like I wished we were engaging more. It was too easy to just get lost in a movie, because in this case family was just glad to see me and didn't expect much more (I'm guessing).

  • LaurenRose
    Answered by LaurenRose
    One year ago

    I am constantly surrounded by people. I have a roommate as well as many other dorm mates at school, then go home with my two parents and sister, but I constantly feel alone. I feel like there is no one to talk to because they dont understand. In my last relationship, we had a lot of problems in the end because he didnt understand what I was going through, I kept pushing him away. There has been one person that I feel like I can talk to regularly that actually understands and can help. She has gotten me through so much, but when I am at school and I cant reach her, I feel so alone and I dont know who to turn to. I try to focus on my studying but sometimes it just doesnt work...

  • lizzy
    Answered by lizzy
    One year ago

    I try to get out once in awhile to hopefully meet someone, but I am very awkward at going up and trying to start a conversation. I think people can see and feel my uncomfortableness and that makes them avoid me. so I stay alone and keep trying to think of ways to meet someone

  • christacat
    Answered by christacat
    One year ago

    Feel like that all the time.

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