Does stress cause anxiety attack

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Stress can be a contributing factor to having a panic/anxiety attack. I am stressed often, but there is normally something else that will trigger the actual attack.
2 years ago


i know my anxiety was brought on bu stress now iam having trouble coping . cause iam unable to sleep due to my axiey adding fuel to the fire , not sure how to break the cycle dont start seeing a theapsy till next month for the first time having medical issue due to surgry which bought everything up n after getting better from surgry hurt my lower back but now iam starting to think my lower back /sactica might be due to stress but who knows i did twist from 6 weeks ago in groin area but i dont know if that might scactica roblem i know due to inacavity due hernai and laying around cause of pain now iam in pain to due back which is cause all my anxiety and sleepness nights
2 years ago


I have suffered a lot of stress in my life from bad break ups where my child was taken from me to someone stabbing my brother(in-law) and him dying. I have had a lot more very stressful times in my life too. I can only say that I believe this has all lead to me having anxiety problems and when I am stressed I do have more attacks but only after the stress is near to an end. I was told by doctors I need to calm down and relax or my anxiety will not go but I think that there is more involved than just relaxing to cure it. If I have to live with it my whole life then I will but I am trying relaxtion therapy and other things too and hoping they work and I can live a "normal" life again.
2 years ago


Perhaps long term stress is cause of anxiety.
2 years ago
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